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Don't send email notifications if in-app push notifications have been delivered

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  • Sep 18 2018
  • Working on it 🏃‍♂️
  • Jun 11, 2019

    Admin Response

    We appreciate the patience that many of you are mustering when it comes to the frustration of email notifications.

    We started with email notifications, and then added push notifications for the Desktop and iOS apps. Now that push is available, it's time for us to address email notifications. There's a suite of improvements we are working towards, much of which incorporates other ideas, that will [hopefully] eradicate the frustration.

    The current plan

    You won't get an email notification when:

    - you are present/active in the app (any platform) and something new happens (you'll get an in-app notification)
    - you are not active in the app and have the desktop or iOS apps installed (you'll get a push notification)

    If you are not active in the app (haven't seen something has happened) and don't have the desktop or iOS app installed (haven't received a push notification) then you will get and email notification, but:

    - things that happen in relatively quick succession will only generate a single notification (View vote for related idea)
    - we'll provide options for gathering email notifications into hourly, daily digests etc (View or vote for related idea)
    - ultimately we'll give you a notifications centre to control exactly what you get and how you get it (View or vote for related idea)

    Thank you for your patience, sorry for the delay, and, as ever, we welcome your feedback. Please feel free to comment with your thoughts

    We'll keep you posted on progress over the coming weeks

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